Founder's Story

Founder's Story


 Kush Shah is the co-founder of DosBros USA and his journey has come full circle, with 30+ outlets gracing the United States. Under his leadership, the brand’s global reach is expanding further, with upcoming locations planned in Canada, UAE, and Australia, reflecting Kush’s unrelenting entrepreneurial spirit.

Under Kush’s watch, DosBros grew from nothing in 2015 and now boasts a valuation of over $35 million. His dedication and values influence every aspect of DosBros.



Manish Bhagchandani brings over 15 years of strategic
leadership and entrepreneurial expertise to the table, positioning
him as a standout visionary entrepreneur and business leader.

Manish boasts a strong educational foundation, holding an MS in Financial Engineering from NYU and completing the prestigious Advanced Leadership Program at Harvard University.

With over a decade at J.P. Morgan as VP across various functions and later serving as SVP at HSBC, he demonstrated leadership in addressing post-COVID-19 risks for US-based SMEs.

Manish’s expertise spans Private Equity, Social Finance, Strategic Investments, Risk Management, Derivative Pricing & Valuation, and Business Development. His versatile skill set positions him as a sought-after professional in both corporate and entrepreneurial spheres.


Despite achieving significant success and realizing the “American
Dream” over 16 years in the United States, Manish developed a
strong desire to return to his roots and venture into
entrepreneurship in his homeland. Observing the growing trend of
startups and entrepreneurial ecosystem in India, motivated him to
leave his well-established life in the United States and return to
India with his family.

 Reconnecting with DosBros co-founder Kush Shah, Manish
resonated with the concept’s commitment to offering Healthy,
Fresh, and Organic food options. A January 2022 government
report highlighting the alarming prevalence of obesity and
diabetes in India, fueled by junk food and aggressive marketing,
solidified Manish’s connection to DosBros.

United by shared history and a mutual passion for
internationalising DosBros, Manish proposed bringing the brand to
India. Beyond their business aspirations, Manish and Kush were
driven by a shared commitment to giving back to society in their
homeland, by providing a significantly healthier alternative to
existing fast-food options in India.

Taking the initiative, Manish and Kush swiftly transitioned from
ideation to execution, relocating to India to support the grassroots
expansion of the brand and propel it to new heights. Manish
assumed leadership of DosBros India to steer the project towards
stratospheric success.